Super Bowl food ideas – The definitive list

Another week of NFL playoffs is wrapping up, and the Super Bowl is only three weeks away. Whether you’re hosting the party and assembling a Super Bowl menu or just attending, it’s time to start choosing the best Super Bowl food ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork! And we’re sure you can find something great with our list!

Top 18 Super Bowl Food Ideas for 2018

Super Bowl food staples

There are some foods that just have to be on the Super Bowl menu. You can upgrade to a more advanced variety, such as nachos instead of chips and salsa, but some variety of the staples should be included!


Probably the most common food at Super Bowl parties, pizza is a no-brainer.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Now a party favorite, you may need to coordinate with your guests or you might end up with three dips!

Chips and Dip

An easy fan favorite, you can also upgrade this with Guac or a nacho variety.

Potato Chips

While not exciting, somebody needs to bring them! Sour Cream and Onion, BBQ, and Salt and Vinegar add a little variety.


Another easy and common food, you can usually get your wings with your pizza order.

Meat & Cheese Tray

Another finger food you can pick up at the grocery story, ready to serve.

Veggie Tray

No need to reinvent the wheel, veggies and dip will always be a party staple.

More advanced Super Bowl food

If you have a little more time, go ahead and put a little legwork into your dish!

Mexican Cueso

Possibly the easiest dip ever, simply combine one can Rotel diced tomatoes with one package of Velveeta cheese!


Make your own or get some pre-made from the store. Either way they’ll be a hit.

Pigs in the blanket

Return to the great outdoors with a childhood staple.


Upgrade your chips and salsa with this fan favorite!

BBQ Pork Sliders

Delicious, easy, and always a great idea.

Common Super Bowl desserts

While your party attendees may already be full, you still need one or two dessert options.


Somebody will be bringing these to the party. Will it be you?


The perfect finger food dessert!

Super Bowl drinks

Maybe you’re doing bring-your-own alcohol, maybe now. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these classic super bowl drinks.


Just the right amount of sweet and booze to get your game face on.

Bloody Mary

Fight off your late Saturday night with a little hair of the dog!


Who could forget the most important thing!