Find new customers and sales through Gift Guru

Gift Guru helps you get your brand and products in front of gift buyers who are actively looking for what you have to offer. We have multiple channels to help you find your next customer!


Get your brand and products in front of new buyers

Multiple channels to get in front of new customers

Direct Product Recommendations

Get your products recommended to users before their upcoming events.

Social Media

Gift Guru features great brands and products across our social channels throughout the year.

Blog and Research Center

Get featured in high quality content on the Gift Guru blog and research center.

Direct product recommendations for users' upcoming events

Gift Guru provides direct and curated product recommendations to our users for their upcoming events. We work directly with our partners to make sure we place their products in front of the right users for their selection.



Social features for great products and brands

Gift Guru is all about helping our users discover unique products and brands for their gift buying. We feature our partners' offerings across our social channels to help our users in the gift discovery process.

Blog and Research Center

The Gift Guru blog and research center covers topics across the realm of gifting. We feature our partners who provide the right subject matter expertise on these topics to help our users celebrate each event in style!


Why work with Gift Guru?

Discover new customers

Our customers are looking for brands and products like yours! Once a Gift Guru user discovers your brand, you may have them for life!

Drive new sales

Our users are actively looking for great ideas for their upcoming events. Take advantage of their purchase intent to drive new sales.

Fast and easy to setup

Get your products in front of customers quickly! Contact us to learn more!

No risk - free to use!

Gift Guru has no fixed or up front fees for use. We operate off an affiliate model with commissions on referred sales. When you do better, we do better!

Start finding new customers today! Contact us to learn more.