Women of the Vine: Inside the World of Women Who Make, Taste, and Enjoy Wine [Book]


United by the common denominators of gender and professional calling, today’s women of wine have traveled diverse paths to fulfill their passions. Written from a distinctly female viewpoint, Women of the Vine explores the stories of women winemakers, women sommeliers, and women who are members of wine groups, embodying each woman’s personal experience in an often male-dominated industry. These women share their lives, wine tips, pairings, and, most importantly, enthusiasm for wine. They also reveal candid stories of their personal triumphs and failures and discuss the universal dilemma of balancing work and family.Brimming with profiles of women’s wine groups and tips and secrets for getting the most enjoyment out of wine, Women of the Vine takes listeners on a new and very different journey to wine country, inviting them to enjoy these remarkable women’s stories one sip at a time.

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