Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Board Game


You have your favorite spicy merlot and lemony chardonnay, but you’d love to broaden your wine experiencewithout the whole “”wine snob? thing. Conner Taylor, Jessica Bush, and Andrew McKee know the feeling. Although Conner is a Level 3 certified sommelier, he thinks that appreciating a fine vintage shouldn’t require exhaustive study or a stuffy attitude. Along with his wife, Jessica, and designer Andrew, he brainstormed a way to turn the art of blind wine-tasting into what he calls a boozy, fun game night.? With their easy-to-learn game, you and up to five friends take turns sampling and guessing mystery bottles and unlocking cellar doors? as you progress through the board. No special knowledge is necessary: You only need a passion for wine and a desire to enjoy it on a deeper level. By the end of your first game, you’ll have learned how to blind-taste like a sommelier, and all without putting on airs (unless you want to, of course). Made in China. Please always drink responsibly.

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