Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve (Black)


Le Creuset WA-126 Cooler Sleeve Chill your wine or sparkling wine in style with this great Cooler Sleeve. Very efficient it cools your wine in just a few minutes and keeps it cold for hours. Le Creusetaposs wine cooler sleeve is ideal when carrying wine to a friendaposs house or for keeping chilled bottles cool when served outside during the summer months. The wine cooler sleeve is adjustable to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. For a best result store the sleeve in the freezer prior to use so it is ready to pop on a bottle of wine and within 20 minutes it will be chilled and ready to serve. Alternatively it is perfect for keeping chilled bottles beer or soft drinks cool at the dinner table or outside during the summer months. The Cooler Sleeve makes a perfect present when gifted with wine. It is also the ideal picnic or BBQ companion it also helps protect bottles from knocks when travelling to your destination. Since 1925 Le Creuset is widely renowned for its outstanding range of cookware by leading chefs for outstanding results time after time. With nearly 100 years of expertise Le Creuset is at the forefront of cooking innovation making any cookware from them a true must have for your kitchen.

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