Slip Silk Scrunchies 6 Pack


This multi pack of six Slip Skinnies are crafted with Slip Silk, the same material as the award-winning pillowcases. Inspired by the pillowcase that was designed to provide anti-aging, anti-sleep-crease and anti-bedhead benefits while you sleep, this set of six scrunchies has also been specifically designed and scientifically tested to prevent damage and breakage to your hair. Traditional hair ties and scrunchies tug at delicate hair, causing split ends, breakage, knots and frizz. However, silk will gently glide over hair causing minimal damage. Silk fibers are not absorbent like other materials, meaning your hair’s precious natural oils will stay where they belong, keeping your hair shiny and bouncy at all times. These scrunchies have a wide surface area that helps you avoid hair creases too. Slip is a brand that has been recommended by dermatologists, hairstylists and beauty experts everywhere. They are proudly anti-aging, anti-sleep-crease and anti-bedhead, and this is reflected in their wide range of products. They pride themselves on creating luxurious products that achieve the ultimate in shine, softness and durability.

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