Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray, Expandable Sides Bath Caddy Tray (book, Wine,


Enjoy taking long baths while reading your book or watching a program in your tablet with Bambsi Bathtub Caddy Tray Live It Up like a Royal. The Bambsi bath caddy tray is a glamorous and elegant bathroom accessory designed for long bath takers who loves having a good time soaking in warm water for hours. Outlined to take the hassle and presentiment about dropping your book, tablet, cell phone anything into the water, this bathtub caddy tray gives you peace of mind to place all your entertaining equipment in a dry and stable place to unwind and relax for a longer period of time. Sit back and make your baths feel so much more luxurious in no time. Create Your Own Luxury Spa. Our bathtub caddy tray is functional and very attractive which transforms your bathtub into an unconditional spa. The exclusive features of this wood caddy allows you to read in your bathtub, play relaxing music, watch an episode in your iPad or Tablet and drink red wine til the last sip. Its made of premium bamboo wood that is eco-friendly, sturdy, elegant and durable. Unlike other bathtub trays, Bambsis caddy is thicker, stronger with nice rounded edges, and has a thin protective coat of lacquer for long lasting durability. Beautiful Gift IdeaA bath lover will surely be happy to spend longer times in the bathtub while enjoying multitasking. Give this awesome caddy for birthday, appreciation, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

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