Silke London Hair Wrap The Poppy


Designed for nightly wear to protect your hair from friction that can lead to frizz, split ends and breakages, the SILKE Hair Wrap – The Poppy in Pink and Orange is inspired by the tradition of wrapping hair to protect it and provide the optimal environment for healthy hair growth. Wake up to frizz-free, glossy and smooth hair each morning. The hair wrap is made from the finest, pure silk with enough material to cover all hairstyles and types. An elasticated headband ensures the wrap fits all head sizes and remains in place overnight. Silk is less absorbent than many other materials. That means it won’t draw moisture out from your hair overnight. By helping to evenly distribute natural oils throughout the hair from root to tip, it helps to naturally condition your locks. An added benefit is that it allows you to increase the time between washes. The SILKE hair wrap is hand made in London using 100% pure silk. It is suitable for all types of hair, including extensions.

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