Peugeot Whisky Tasting Set


Drink your whiskey at the right temperatureThe Les Impitoyables whiskey glass from Peugeot is specially designed to optimally highlight whiskeys, cognac and armagnac. Thanks to the special shape and the wide diameter of the glass, even the most subtle smells and flavors are expressed, while strong, aggressive alcohol smells are softened. Follow the shape of the whiskey glassThe ideal filling height is that in which the central protuberance does not come under. Thanks to this protuberance, odors quickly come into their own. With the metal plinth, which you pre-cool in the freezer, you cool the whiskey without ice. Your whiskey does not dilute because of this, your drink tastes as it is meant to be. In addition to the glass and the metal plinth, you will also receive a beautiful coaster. For maximum enjoyment!

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