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That’s why diamonds were added to the bottom of the whiskey glass, and who wouldn’t love such a beautiful gift. PERSONALIZED WHISKEY GLASSES – The brandy glass is modified on the basis of the classical shape. Each diamond wine glass also comes with an elegant bracket , which you can easily use to hold. Even without a pedestal, you don’t have to worry about the wine spilling. SCOTCH GIFTS FOR MEN – A unique wine glass not only allows you to be more intimately exposed to the charm of whiskey, but also brings you different pleasures. The norlan whiskey glass can be rotated 360 degrees, so that the wine can fully contact with the air, the aroma of the wine will spread. OLD FASHIONED GLASSES – Personalized wine gift should be given to those who appreciate them. The hand-made and lead-free crystal glassware is a work of art worth collecting. MENS GIFTS FOR BIRTHDAY – Old fashioned glass can be given to anyone, wife, husband, man, woman, dad, mom, friend, etc. It is also suitable for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, party, Christmas, retirement, etc. Those who appreciate it will cherish it. This will help you calm down, relax and soothe, relieve stress, fatigue and weariness. Make wine or whiskey contact air better. Let the wine have the best taste. A classic and unique whiskey glass is an elegant gift. Personalized glassware can be given as a gift to someone who has everything. The unique bourbon glass can rotate 360 degrees. Hand-made scotch glasses are not allowed in the dishwasher. Stylish and durable brandy glasses have a special diamond base.

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