Marcellin Cocktail Smoking & Infusion Kit


Cocktail Smoking & Infusion Kit, by Marcellin | Adding a touch of smoke to pretty much anything you‚Äôre concocting starts here. This simple set allows you to infuse cocktails with rich, smoky flavor. All you‚Äôve got to do is set some of your wood chips on the base, smoke the chips with your torch, and cover it all with the cloche for a couple of minutes to infuse.As for the torch, you can just add a little butane (easy to grab at your local convenience store), fire it up, and you can get to smoking. When you’re not drinking, use it to crisp up the fat caps on a steak, melt cheese over your soup, or br√al√ e your cr√ me.Also, always remember to use this torch responsibly in the kitchen: you‚Äôre playing with fire.

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