Fellow Ode Brew Grinder


A home grinder for brewed coffee, reimagined. This is the first-ever grinder from our friends at Fellow, who design some of our favorite coffee tools. The Ode brings together the power and precision of a cafe-quality grinder with a sleek footprint designed for the home. Fellow designed it specifically to grind predictable and precise particle size for brewed coffee methods, like pour over, French press, and cold brew. The grinder has 64-mm professional-grade flat stainless steel burrs, which are larger and heavier than most. These burrs decrease grind time while increasing grind consistency. The 31 different grind settings allow you to dial in your brew precisely, while the noise-reduction technology makes the grinder remarkably quiet. To prevent the degradation that happens to coffee when it’s stored in a large hopper at home, they simply removed it, instead swapping in a single-dose load bin. (Bonus: the machine takes up even less space this way.) Fellow also brought its knack for creating satisfying design details to the Ode. For example, a magnetic catch for the grounds snaps perfectly into alignment while a high-force knocker ejects any remaining ground coffee from the machine into the catch, which keeps the machine clean.

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