Hario V60 Buono Drip Kettle


The beautifully designed Hario Buono kettle makes every second of coffee brewing an absolute pleasure. Dimensions: 27.4cm (width) x 14.4cm (depth) x 14.7cm (height) Holds approximately 1.2 litres of water. Allows for gas or electric heating with a strong, light weight stainless steel body. Simple and brilliant design is revolutionising the coffee industry. The pour over method is not about automation or fancy machines with special functions, instead, it is all about taking the time to appreciate the simple science of brewing. Pour over coffee creation offers you manual control of every aspect of the brewing process, so you can create your one cup of coffee with its own distinct character, or as much as you want for your guests. No-one appreciates this more than the Japanese glassware company Hario, who took the time to develop their revolutionary Buono drip kettle. Two things make this product stand out: its beauty and its clever simplicity. The stylish kettle pours water ever so gently through its curved and slim spout, giving you complete control. Create a fabulous dome, watch your coffee bubble, and know that this cup is going to make your morning.

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