KeepCup 12 oz Medium Glass Brew Reusable Coffee Cup, Cork


The KeepCup is the world’s first barista-standard reusable cup. The KeepCup Cork Brew is perfect for enjoying the craft and sensory experience of premium speciality coffee or fine tea on the go. Sourced and made sustainably in Portugal using waste product from wine cork manufacture, the cork band is light, antibacterial, biodegradable and has super thermal qualities. It’s beautiful to hold and over time its patina will tell the story of your use. It features a hard, splash-proof lid for ease of use and can be taken apart for thorough cleaning. Clean it on the top shelf of the dishwasher, except for the cork band and glass, which must be washed by hand. With the lid off, the cup can be heated to 110°C. Environmentally friendly, it’s made from durable, toughened soda lime glass and non-toxic, BPA-free and BPS-free plastic. The cup, lid and lid plug are all recyclable at the end of the product’s life. The cup is designed for use over and over again, driven by KeepCup’s aim to reduce the use of disposable cups that are relegated to landfill across the globe.

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