Boneview Android SD Card Reader


BoneView Trail Camera Viewers – The Ultimate Tool for Hunting and Scouting. Our Latest Edition of the BoneView SD Card Reader for Android has you covered for all your Trail Camera Viewing needs. This new model will give you the fastest, most compatible connection to almost any Android cellphone or tablet on the market today. It now sports a high-speed direct USB-C cord end; which is the new reversible connector now standard on all Android phones. The best part is the latest stock Android software does not require you to download additional applications to get all the best features of trail camera management including the ability to view hundreds of thousands of deer pictures in a full-screen view with the ability to easily swipe through the right from the SD or MicroSD memory chips from any trail camera card of any size or class, 4-GB or higher. No need to import all of the photos to your phone using up valuable storage space before you can view them. Leave the laptop or bulky photo viewer tablets at home and take advantage of the supercomputer already in your pocket. This really is the most plug-and-play model yet.

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