Killer Gear ElkFan Decoy


Get in within shooting distance with the KillerGear ElkFan Decoy. Typical spot-and-stalk hunting situations end up sending elk over the mountain in the opposite direction after spotting the hunter. Not with the ElkFan. When you hide behind it, you’re just another elk at home on the range, which gives you the chance to move into position for a clean shot. When mature bulls hang up out of range, pair the ElkFan with a cow call and close the distance. Position with ears back for a calming effect, with ears up on alert, or with one ear forward and the other back to evoke curiosity. Mature cow elk Lightweight and portable, just 2.21 lbs. Opens on an umbrella frame with the push of a button Built-in ground stake resides in the handle when not in use Ears can be positioned as needed Order today!

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