ZOLEO Satellite Communicator


Stay conected even without cell reception. Pair your phone via Bluetooth to this communicator to send texts, emails, GPS info or SOS messages. Each communicator gets its own email and phone number (for texts), so your friends and family can reach you, no special app needed. With the Iridium satellite network, this communicator can send and receive messages anywhere on earth (subscription required). Iridium’s constellation of 66 satellites covers earth’s entire surface. Smart notifications (emails, texts, alerts, etc.) via Bluetooth connection. Check-in button lets 2 pre-determined contacts know where you are. Free Zoleo app pairs with phone or tablet for messaging, weather forecasts, location sharing, check-ins and SOS triggering. SOS messaging calls rescuers to your exact GPS location, allows texting with the rescue team. GEOS worldwide emergency response center with 24/7/365 staffing receives SOS messages. Trigger SOS messages from phone or device, SOS button has a hard-plastic cover to prevent accidental activation (if activated accidentally, they can be canceled in the app). Cycles between satellite, cellular and WiFi communication, choosing the most affordable option. 3 monthly subscription plans available with basic 25 messages (additional messages are charged) to an unlimited subscription plan. After the first 3 months plans can be suspended. IP68 dust and waterproofing protection. LED alert lights for power, SOS, check-in and messages. USB charging. 200+ hours of battery life on a single charge (checking messages every 12 minutes). Integrated carry clip. In the box Zoleo satellite communicator, carabiner, USB cable and documentation.

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