Yogi Fun Kids Yoga Cards Kit with Illustrations Rhyming Poems Birthday Activity and 2 DIY Dice


The kids yoga cards kit with lovely illustrations and rhyming instructions, designed to introduce kids to yoga in a fun and playful way! YOGI is a yoga-inspired kit through which children along with their parents and friends can involve in a variety of fun activities. YOGI contains 40 cards that can be used for countless activities and games! 20 cards have lovely illustrations of various yoga poses, and the other 20 accurately describe the poses in simple, fun rhyme. In addition, there is a leaflet with 4 games and a Birthday activity, as well as 2 YOGI dice that kids absolutely adore! Out of the ordinary birthday gift, excellent way for improving vocabulary skills for kids and countless phonics games and family activities that can be created. Great tool for developing self-confidence, imagination & mental and physical balance. Karin Sella, a kids yoga instructor and biomedical engineer, realized that perhaps there was a more accessible way to help introduce kids (and their parents) to yoga, and to help kids learn and develop in various aspects through the wonderful world of yoga. Along with Guy Meltzer, a fellow yoga teacher and father of two kids, she created YOGI a yoga kit for kids with lovely illustrations and rhyming instruction cards to introduce kids to yoga in a fun and playful way!

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