Yoga for Hikers: How to Stretch, Strengthen, and Hike Farther


Yoga for Hikers will show you how to create a yoga practice at home that will keep you healthy, prevent injuries, and support and improve your outdoor passions. This guide feature easy-to-understand yoga poses and sequences designed to address the specific stresses that hiking enact on the body. This guide feature: – Detailed overviews of the areas of the body most impacted by climbing and hiking – Injuries common to these sports that yoga can address – Explanation of yoga’s physical and mental benefits, and how it can enhance time on rock or trail – Foundational techniques for creating a yoga practice, including the fundamentals of meditation – Several sequences for a home practice, designed specifically for climbers and hikers – Interviews with climbers and hikers who use yoga to support their physical strength and hone their mental focus–from professionals, such as Steph Davis and Buzz Burrell, to average weekend-warriors For inspiration and visual appeal, the books include panoramas of yoga poses in outdoor settings, studio photos of the specific yoga poses and sequences, and technical drawings related to anatomy and common ailments.

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