Aqua Marina Vapor 10′ 4″ Paddle Board


The Aqua Marina Vapor All-Around SUP 10‘4“ Paddle Board Package, is as the title suggests, an ideal all-round SUP paddle board kit that includes everything you need to get started on your water adventures. The Vapor paddle board itself offers stability and a good gliding experience, as well as being highly competent on both flat water and small waves, plus it comes with a generous volume and payload that caters to those looking for an easier ride and in need of a higher carrying capacity. Constructed with Drop Stitch Light Technology, the Vapor is also lightweight and very rigid, and features a comfortable diamond grooving footpad for extra grip. Additionally, a neoprene carry handle makes light work of carrying it to and from the water, and a rubber patched valve ensures optimum airtightness, especially in harsh conditions, so you do not deflate when out exploring. To finish the package, you can rely on a Double Action Liquid AIR V1 Pump for quick and easy inflating, alongside a Sports III Paddle, removable slide-in Centre Fin and safety leash to ensure fuss-free water touring. Furthermore, all the kit fits into a zipped backpack, making this paddle board set easily portable for adventuring home and away. About Drop Stitch Light Technology High quality, durable construction with portable packing featuring a Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core, light and printed tarpaulin layer, first and second PVC rail layers and EVA footpad.

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