Treepod Cabana 1.5m Hanging Mesh Tree House, Moss


This year enter into your own suspended serenity with the Cabana 5-Foot Hanging Mesh Daybed by TreePod. With this cabana, you can relax whenever you want at the convenience of your own home. This sleek, hanging pod design is multifaceted in terms of attach-ability. All you need is a solid point of contact and you can relax anywhere you’d like. Best of all, setting up this hanging daybed is easy. To get started, simply insert the frame into the fabric and secure the rope to the top of the pod. After that, toss the rope over the hanging spot, then pull to the desired height and secure the rope for support. Lastly, hop in the hanging cabana and begin your ultimate relaxation experience. The mesh walls are not only a nice aesthetic, but they will also allow for light to seep in so you can have ample lighting as you are reading or studying throughout the day. The walls are durably constructed and allow for a 360-degree view along with consistent airflow to keep you cool. Constructed of heavy-duty canvas, this cabana is built durable to last you through many lounging experiences. Also, the fabric will remain vibrant use after use due to the UV-resistant canvas. Invite a friend or spouse to join you, with a max weight capacity of 500 pounds you will have plenty of room for a visitor. You’re going to love your TreePod cabana. All the pieces of the hanging pod are high quality, durable, and simple. Hanging it up is simple, whether you do it solo or with the help of another. Also, it’s pleasing to the eye, extremely comfortable, and perfect for alone time or quiet time with a loved one. Take some time for yourself this year and relax like never before. This TreePod Cabana 5-Foot Hanging Mesh Daybed makes relaxation time easy.

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