Soundcore Life Note E True Wireless Earbuds


Life Note E are a powerful pair of headphones that will provide your ears the audio experience they need, anywhere you need it. Enjoy loud, pounding bass and crisp vocals to hear your music at the highest possible quality. 50percent more bass that’s well-suited for bass-heavy music like EDM. Optimize from 3 sound modes according to your personal preference to hear details in your music that you’ve never heard before. Featherlight earbuds are great for hour-long use and compact cases offer great portabilty. A custom AI algorithm and microphone ensures the focus is on your voice so you can have clearer conversations wherever you are. Playtime lasts for 8 hours from a single charge, while the charging case extends it to 32 hours of playtime. IPX5-rated protection defends your earbuds against unexpected water splashes and moisture to accommodate your active lifestyles. Advanced Bluetooth technology enables faster transmission speeds and stable connectivity, making music playback and conversations smoother than ever.

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