The Human Journal [Book]


But Between Schedules, Technology, Work and Responsibilities, It Can Be Difficult to Connect with the People Around Us, and That Makes it Hard to Enjoy Life. The Human Journal helps you connect with people, without giving up the focus, drive and details that keep you and your commitments moving forward. This journal primes you to have a great day, not just within yourself, but in your connections with the world, and the people, around you. It complements any meditation or gratitude practice, and provides an operational warm-up exercise for you to move from the disconnected you, to the you that connects with the world throughout your day. THE SIX THINGS You’ll Love About The Human Journal: 1 – It connects what’s inside you to what’s around you, and what you think about to how you act. With check-ins on how you’re feeling, what’s top of your mind, and quick exercises that prime you, you’ll find The Human Journal gives you a new way to understand the connection between you and the world you experience, and change that for the better. 2 – It gives you practical doses of stoicism, buddhism, gratitude, mindfulness, breathing, somatic therapy + journaling. 3 – It is compatible with any meditation, mindfulness or journaling practice you enjoy, but does not require any of the above to be effective. 4 – It helps you have more human interactions, no matter how detail-focused you feel, or engineering-bias you were born with. 5 – It gives you valuable personal awareness without requiring you to spend weekends at a silent retreat, or get weird at spiritual retreats (unless you want to). 6 – You’ll have a window into how you experience the world day to day, month to month. — Sound too good? Run your own 7 day experiment and check your results.

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