Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing [Book]


The art of finishing is best learned with complete, visual step-by-step instructions – and that is exactly what Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing offers you. Detailed process photography demystifies the process of finishing — and you’ll get the finish you want for all your projects. Jeff Jewitt, a world-renowned wood finisher, provides an in-depth coverage of tools and materials and covers all of the key processes. You’ll learn about everything from surface preparation to color matching. Especially valuable is the coverage of advanced and special techniques, not usually covered in general finishing books, including detailed information on adjusting color, disguising defects, toning, glazing, spray finishing and rubbing out a finish. This comprehensive finishing reference is the most complete and detailed book on the subject – and you will find it incredibly valuable no matter what your skill level. Covers all the modern and traditional techniques for coloring and finishing wood. Organized for quick access, makes it easy to find each technique. Features over 850 photos and drawings illustrate the methods Covers sanding and surface preparation, staining and applying topcoats, and final polishing.

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