Festool 203802 MW 1000 Mobile Workshop


If the work can’t come to the worker then the worker must go to the work. With the Festool MW1000, your workshop can come with you. Offered as a mobile workshop set, it includes a Festool Workbench and Systainer Transporter (systainers sold separately). The ingenious design means the MW1000 turns from a compact, easily transportable unit into a functional workstation in a matter of minutes. At the same time, the design ensures organised storage and access to your tools. In all aspects of its construction, the MW1000 promotes efficiency with a place for everything and everything in its place. It is compact for transportation with all pieces, secured on the cart. Large diameter tyred wheels make it easy to negotiate steps or rough terrain. In addition, Festool have made the MW1000 easy for one person to load into and offload from the back of a van. Assembled in a matter of minutes, the MW1000 becomes a stable workstation offering plenty of scope with its multifunction table design. The strong aluminium profile frame allows you to attach the extension in the most convenient position. The cart has a pullout draw and provision for connecting other Systainer cases, so all your tools are onboard and to hand. The MW1000 is compatible with all accessories for the Festool MFT multifunction table for versatile working. It is easy to customise the setup to meet your own requirements.

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