Surf Ears 3.0


Designed by a group of cold-water surfers from Sweden, the Creatures of Leisure Surf Ears Earbuds protect your ear canals from frigid oceans and chilly offshore breezes. Not only do these earbuds protect you from surfer’s ear, but they boost surrounding sounds from breaking waves and other surfers. In fact, the Surf Ears have improved acoustics for a better listening experience in the water. Upgraded over the first version, the Surf Ears 2. 0 include major upgrades for a better surfing experience. The optional silicone leash prevents you from losing them in the water when you get barreled over by a big wave. These hydrophobic-coated mesh buds won’t soak up moisture, meaning they’ll stay dry and comfortable in the water. The improved ear buds come in two different sizes, with small and large-sized ear pieces for a truly custom seal. The new design is slightly shorter than the original to fit surfers with advanced ear canal closure.

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