Aquaseal Repair Adhesive


Easily repair tears and rips in your favorite waders and outdoor gear using this Aquaseal Repair Adhesive. It is a clear waterproof sealant specially formulated for the flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection you need to keep you going. This urethane repair adhesive will patch that hole in your raft, fix the gash in your fishing waders and make sure you stay dry. You can also use it to replace gaskets on boats, or add abrasion-resistant layers on your boating gear. It is safe on natural and synthetic fabrics including Gore-Tex, neoprene, rubber and more. The waterproof adhesive also comes in handy for prepping various surfaces before making repairs. It is washable and unaffected by extreme heat or cold to ensure it holds up. This adhesive dries clear and is moisture-cured for added protection. Using Aquaseal Repair Adhesive is simple and the remaining adhesive can be stored in the tube until you need it again.

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