Starpro Greens 3′ x 9′ 3-Hole Pro Indoor Putting Green – Made from The World’s Best Turf


Get our best “pro quality” artificial grass putting green in our most affordable size: a 3′ x 9′ that fits easily within your indoor family room, office or outdoor patio. All StarPro Pro Greens play like grass, so your putts roll at true country club speed. This is “as real as it gets” because our putting greens are made with the world’s best putting turf, our StarPro MPT Master Putting Turf. Your green comes with 3 of our patented StarBall Cups that behave like a real golf hole, stopping even fast putts, with the benefit of showing you whether your putt is left, right or dead center in the hole. See how it works in our video below. Even indoors you can create breaks by placing 12′′ x 12′′ freezer bags filled with sand under the putting green. You can roll our green up to store, rolling with the green side out, and then it will always roll out perfectly flat, without folds or flaws.

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