Ecco Men’s Biom H4 Golf Shoes, White


Ecco golf shoes have a great reputation for style, using only the highest quality materials and the latest technology available today. Introducing their new men’s Biom H4 Golf Shoe. They benefit from having real leather uppers made from very strong and lightweight Yak leather which is fantastic for breathability and durability. Ecco owns its own tanneries and uses these to produce the leather used in their shoes. They use the best of technology to make sure each style performs to the best of its ability and so that it does exactly what Ecco want and need it to do. The Biom model is one of the best selling shoes on the market for Ecco. These shoes are built to be fantastic in all conditions and in all seasons. The Yak leather that is used offers top-level comfort, due to it being supple yet strong, keeping the durability of the shoe high so they last as long as possible.

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