Skil LL932301 Self-Leveling Red Cross Line Laser


The SKIL self-leveling red cross line laser level is a compact tool that makes it simple to align multiple pictures, shelves, or cabinets and install banisters, trim, and more. Its bright horizontal and vertical lines have a laser distance up to 50 ft. The tool automatically levels, and intuitive indicators let you know when your lines aren’t level. The integrated, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a micro-USB port for charge-and-go convenience, plus green, yellow, and red LED indicators to let you know the current level of charge. The multi-functional clamp can be attached to the top or the bottom of the tool for easy positioning on a ladder, Table, and lots of other surfaces. And for projects where you might not want your lines to be level or plumb, like specialty paint treatments, the SKIL self-leveling cross line laser has a locking mode that lets you position the projected lines at any angle you choose.

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