Vaughan 15″ Multi-Function Demolition Tool 050042


Tile, wood, drywall, glass, plaster, nails. The Vaughan Rage 15 in. demolition tool quickly dispatches whatever stands between you and a finished job. And you’ll get the job done faster and easier, since The Rage replaces a hammer, pry bar and nail puller in 1 brutally effective tool. Pick it up and feel the balance and heft. It weighs just 2.5 lbs., with strategic weight placement for maximum momentum with minimum effort. The I-beam frame is forged from high carbon steel for maximum stiffness and force transfer. The finished tool is heat-treated then powder coated and polished for lasting good looks. The double-injection handle features a patented asymmetrical shape for maximum comfort and control. So you can put the hurt on everything but you.

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