Sketchbook: Takes You Inside the Minds of the World’s Best Fantasy and Concept Artists and Illustrators [Book]


The sketching stage is integral to any piece of art–it forms the foundations that everything else balances on. Sketches can often provide interesting insights into the processes and thinking behind the finished piece as well as showing off technique and skill. An artist’s sketchbook is sacred and personal–often thought of like a diary–filled with uncensored thoughts, emotions and unique flourishes that are special to them. The freewheeling excitement in sketches–where artists don’t hold back, don’t over-think, don’t censor–is hard to beat. Sketchbook is about captured moments bursting with creativity, straight from the minds of the finest illustrators around the world. Whether made by pencil or stylus, sketches may be loose and generous or precise and economic, but all reveal something about the pure fun of creation. Whether you’re a practicing fantasy artist, a student or even a hobbyist wanting to take your skills further, there’s something here for you: so, dive in and discover crazy creatures, cool futuristic vehicles and stunning expansive environments. Contributors include Randy Bishop, Feng Zhu, Charlie Bowater, Bill Carman, Claire Wendling, Genzoman, Iain McCaig and many more.

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