Arteza Scratch Paper Set of 42, 10.9×8.2 inch Sheets, Art Set Include: 4 Unique Patterns, 4 Scratchers, 4 Stencils, 4 Post


Be a scratch art expert with this premium Scratch Art Paper Set! Arteza’s Scratch Art Paper Set includes everything creatives need to produce unique craft artwork. This plentiful set comes complete with 20 rainbow patterned sheets, 10 silver patterned sheets, 10 gold patterned sheets, two space patterned sheets, four double-sided stylus scratchers, four stencils, four postcards, and two sharpeners (for stylus scratchers). This art set makes the ultimate introductory set for anyone interested in exploring scratch art, as well as a wonderful option for any artists looking to restock their current collection. Scratch your way to colorful works of art with this Scratch Art Paper Set.

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