Simon Gurren Lagann Drill Key Necklace, Core Drill Key Necklace, Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann Necklace, Simon Gurren Lagann Cosplay


This listing is for ONE Gurren Lagann inspired Drill Key Necklace, just like the one Simon wears! Available options include: Silver 18″ Chain Necklace, Black 22″ Necklace, or Key Chain. Please select from the drop down menu for the finishing touch of your choice. Drill Necklace is perfect to add to any Simon cosplay or as a gift for any Gurren Lagann fans! This drill necklace is made out of metal. OPTIONS -Brown 20″ Necklace -Silver 18″ Necklace -Black 22″ Necklace -Gold Key Chain Complete your Gurren Lagann accessories with this Drill Key Necklace! Each piece may vary slightly from the pictures shown above as no two pieces are exactly the same.

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