Naruto Shippuden – Akatsuki Umbrella


New product ! A team of enthusiats at your service. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN – Umbrella – Akatsuki NARUTO SHIPPUDEN – Umbrella – Akatsuki It rains endlessly in the Land of Rain and its hidden village of Soul, so this Naruto Shippuden umbrella by ABYstyle will be an ideal protection for your ninja missions in rainy areas. – Material: 100% polyester – Paperable packaging, suitable for shelving – Dimensions: approximately 96 cm in diameter open, approximately H. 30 cm x L. 6 cm folded – Rubber handle with automatic opening system by pressing on a button – Personalized storage cover with visual of the license Reference : 003 This reference is also named : ABYUMB003 – ABYUMB3 – 3

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