Rising Sun Board Game


Set in legendary feudal Japan, Rising Sun places players in control of the great clans, gathered by the mighty Kami to reshape the lands and return them to their honorable spiritual traditions. Each clan will use their unique abilities to spread their forces across the provinces, build their strongholds, harvest the land to reap its rewards, and wage war against each other. As the seasons change from spring, to summer, and to autumn, players may upgrade their clans with strategic enhancements, bountiful virtues, and even powerful monsters out of legend to aid their cause. The clans would also be wise to move worship to the gods, as each Kami may grant them powerful abilities. However, diplomacy can be an even more powerful tool, as the clans forge alliances for mutual benefit, and negotiate their way towards victory. In this political arena, honor is more valuable than gold, although betrayal can turn the tides of war. Battles are won, not just by sheer force, but by strategy and cunning. Choose your path wisely, and your allies carefully. When the winter snow covers the land, will you be the one chosen to rule to land of the Rising Sun 58 highly detailed plastic miniatures 40 color miniature bases 65 plastic coins 10 plastic coin markers 66 cards 1 game board 99 tokens 5 clan screens 1 rulebook For three to five players. Ages 14 and up. 90-120 minute playtime.

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