Riedel Decanter Swan


Optimize the taste of the wine The Riedel Decanter Swan is a carafe in a unique, stylish design. Riedel is convinced that all wines, young and old, red, white or sparkling can be improved by decanting the wine. The taste of the wine becomes even more refined by adding oxygen to the wine. The Riedel carafe is made by hand. Riedel is known for its wine glasses, but if you are a true wine lover, a carafe is indispensable.Tune The decanter has a volume of 1570 cubic centimeters. At Riedel it is believed that the glass is very important to optimally show a wine. This opinion is shared by many winemakers and journalists. After years of experience with wine glasses, Riedel also started making decanting carafes, which means that the wine comes into its glass at its very best. A decanting carafe shows respect for old wines and gives confidence to young wines.

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