Pigcasso Game – A Hilarious Hands Free Drawing Challenge Game for The Whole Family!


Get more laughs with Pigcasso board game, a hilarious and challenging drawing game! Pick your teams and easily set up your Pigcasso easel. Spin the wheel to choose among the 3 challenge games to play. The first team who completes the task in under 60 seconds wins! The two players should wear a pig snout or pig mask with pens fixed to it. The pig snouts are made of velcro and easily adjustable for the little ones. Game accessories includes a 2-sided whiteboard easel, 2 Pig Masks, Markers, Spinner or Timer, 50 cards with 500 topics, 20 sets of Maze Puzzles, Trace Papers Take turns with other team members in moving on to the next round. Test your hands-free drawing skills with Pigcasso. All materials are easily packed and portable. Conveniently store or carry your Pigcasso with you whenever you travel. It is light and foldable and you can play it indoors or outdoors Pigcasso is perfect for any game night with 6 years old and up or for a children’s party activity. Kids love them and it’s also a hilarious drinking game for adults!

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