Ototo Baby Nessie Tea Infuser (Green)


Nessie baby tea ball. No tea lover can get past this little monster anymore: Looking out of the cup with a wink, it relentlessly asks you to take hold of it, to grab it by the mop of hair, so that especially the black and green tea doesn’t draw too long and becomes as black as its famous Scottish hole. But start the tea ceremony with the cute Ototo design from the beginning: The monster can be unscrewed at its belly, the lower part holds a small amount of tea as a normal tea strainer, and the lip on the belly side helps to scoop and fill it from large tea cans. Well turned up, the cute monster not only looks legendary, but also keeps its posture inside and outside the cup with its four little feet. Small but nice, the Nessie Baby Tea Egg by Ototo is enough for a good tea cup.

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