Chantal 1.7-Quart Enamel on Steel Vintage Teakettle – White


A sought-after look inspired by traditional stovetop designs in the past which have matching enamel lids – the Vintage teakettle is fresh with a classic twist. Chantal has over 40 years of expertise designing and manufacturing premium Enamel-on-Steel teakettles that are as durable as they are beautiful. Enamel on steel is fired on to Carbon Steel which provides fast and even heat distribution. Chantal’s enamel is classified as AA enamel quality which has the highest resistance to acidity. Chantal uses high-fired “AA” enamel which boosts a greater depth of color and resists fading. Heavy-gauge carbon steel core will heat quickly and promote even heating, the smooth, flat base creates maximum contact for rapid boiling. Extra-large opening allows for easy cleaning and filling. Single-tone stainless-steel whistle announces when your water has boiled. Black phenolic handle and knob remain cool to touch. Perfect for use on ALL cooktops, including magnetic induction. The high-quality enamel surface is chemical-free and naturally stick-resistant.

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