Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad


The Osmo Coding Starter Kit is designed for kids to build coding skills in progression with three hands-on learning games. Coding Awbie game Coding jam game Coding duo Build problem-solving and logic skills Includes tangible coding block set, Osmo base for iPad or fire, coding games and stackable storage Watch your child learn to code as they connect colourful blocks of code in the physical world to chart the adventure on screen. Combining tangible blocks with three interactive games, spark interest in STEAM topics with the Osmo Coding Starter Kit, which makes learning to code fun and accessible for kids. Research-based learning Teach coding at an age-appropriate pace. Start the adventure in Coding Awbie, create music with Coding Jam and then show off your advanced skills in Coding Duo! Early learners can begin with games focused on problem-solving and progress to concepts like sequencing and looping.

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