Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets Book Kit


Recreate any animal on Earth in the form of a teeny, supremely cute and cuddly, fabulously fuzzy pet with this Mini Pom-Pom Pets Kit. Simply wrap the included yarn around a fork and you’re halfway to a herd! Add the kit’s shiny black eyes, heart-shaped noses, ears, tails, and paws–until you’ve produced the most personable pet yet. The kit includes a 64-page book of ideas and instructions, yarn in eight colors (enough to to make more than 20 teeny pets), 40 bead eyes, 15 bead noses, 10 heart-shaped sequin noses, 8 pieces of wire, 28 pre-made pom-pom muzzles in two sizes, a blush marker, paper yard stick, glue, pre-cut paper noses, ears, paws, and more. Happy crafting! Mini pom-pom pets kit Make fun, fuzzy mini pets with pom-pom kit 64-page book of ideas and instructions Eight different yarn colors 40 bead eyes, 10 heart-shaped sequin noses, 30 pom-pom muzzles, and more! Everything you need to craft a furry friend in one kit! Happy crafting! For ages 8 and up.

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