Opolar 10000mAh 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip on Fan, 4 Speeds Fast


Clip It Anywhere— The strong grip clamp allows you to fix the fan on the desk, golf cart, baby stroller and anywhere when you need some cool airflow. Comfortable Portability — The fan is added with clamps and pivots that enable 360 Degree rotation. Dynamic design — The fan is assembled with advance 8 inches blades, and it included 3 speed sitting. Powerful Battery — 10000mAh rechargeable battery & fast charging Quieter and Stronger— Equipped with new blade and back housing structure, winds become quieter than never before. On the coming summer, outdoor activities often accompanied with sweat and heat. Sometimes, there is no natural wind at all and it’s takes long time to fan. With OPOLAR, you can cool yourself down anywhere & anytime. CeilingClip on the baby Cot fan and vertical fan are normal fans people use on summer time. However, they are old-fashion and not portable. Clip on the parasol pole No one wants to bring a big old-fashioned fan on vacation. Which is heavy and not realistic. Clip on the desk edge AC plug fans are big and non energy-saving. Obviously you need a fan which is portable as well as powerful. Very Compact Size 360° Rotate Design Easy To Clean Strong clamp Up to 3 inch maximum clip opening Perfectly fit for treadmill, bed, office desk and so on. Quiet operation on low speed The noise produced by the fan can be termed negligible. The fan runs on extremely low sound and can be used even in a quiet environment. It can be used when you are studying, sleeping and doing other such activities that require silence.

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