Air Hogs, Zero Gravity Laser, Laser-Guided Real Wall Climbing Race Car, Blue


Race up walls, across ceilings and on the ground with the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser! With multi-direction control and patented Wall Climber Technology, this lightweight race car can drive on any smooth surface at high speeds. Controlled by an LED laser light beam, point it anywhere you want the Zero Gravity Laser to drive and it will follow! Defy gravity with Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser! Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser is equipped with patented Wall Climber Technology, allowing it to drive on any smooth surface with ease. Control your Zero Gravity Laser and defy gravity by racing on the walls, ceilings and the ground! Use the controller to guide Zero Gravity Laser anywhere you want it to go. Push the trigger button to activate the safe LED laser light (*not a real laser) and point the beam on any smooth surface. The Zero Gravity uses IR sensors to recognise a safe red LED light and chase it. With multi-direction control, change directions quickly and the Zero Gravity Laser will up! Racers of all skill levels will find Zero Gravity Laser so easy to control! Point the laser guns LED light on any smooth surface within a 0.3m radius of the vehicle, and the Zero Gravity Laser will follow the light beam. Pull off sharp turns, spins and race from up to 1.8m away!

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