Hammer + Axe Wooden Bottle Caddy with Opener – Brown – Each


The Hammer + Axe Bottle Caddy adds an extra touch of class to any six-pack. Take up to six bottles of your favorite brew on the go to your next gameday party, picnic or any celebration. Plus, the beer caddy comes with a built-in metal bottle opener, so you’ll be ready to pop one open as soon as you arrive. Whether you’re into homebrew, craft brew, microbrew or the biggest brands, chances are you aren’t a fan of broken bottles and wasted beer. The natural wood and metal carrier stands up to bottle condensation, making sure your ice-cold drinks always make it to the right destination. The reusable beer carrier puts cherished brews on display and protects them during transport. Plus, the classic look is perfect for turning a six-pack of cold ones into a real gift set. Pattern: Wood Grain Design.

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