Cooluli CMF6P Electric 4-Liter Portable Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge, Pink


Preserve your food, drinks and medication at the perfect temperature with this pink Cooluli Classic 4-liter mini fridge. The EcoMax technology delivers a quiet cooling performance, while the compact design is ideal for road trips and picnics. This Cooluli Classic 4-liter mini fridge features a flip switch to quickly shift from cool to warm for convenient thawing. EcoMax technology The fridge features Cooluli’s unique cooling system, making it powerful yet incredibly quiet. From cooling to warming with one quick switch The simple flip of a switch gets your mini fridge to go from cooling to warming easily. 1 shelf and 1 door basket Offer stylish storage for your items. Cooling or warming The fridge cools down to 35° – 40°F below ambient temperature and warms up to 149°F by internal thermostat. Single door Classic design that meets various needs. Carry handle on the top Makes transport easy and convenient. Includes a USB cord The fridge comes with a USB cord and offers flexibility, the fridge can be powered with a minimum 2A power bank (USB power bank not included). 0.14 cu. ft. storage capacity Provides plenty of space to keep snacks and drinks cold.

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