GoSports Magna Soccer Tabletop Board Game | Magnetic Game of Skill for Kids & Adults


GoSports Magna Soccer is an action packed tabletop game that is guaranteed to be an instant classic with friends and family! Magna Soccer is like a magnetized version of air hockey that puts you head to head in a battle of skill. Magnetically control your player on the field from underneath the board and fight for possession of the Magna Ball for a chance to score on your opponent! Just beware the magnetized Magna Guards in the center field because if they latch onto you the tide of the game can turn quickly. Magna Soccer is easy to learn and play for all ages while maintaining a fun competitive spirit that will have your friends and family gathered round and hooked for hours! GoSports uses premium wooden materials that make Magna Soccer incredibly durable for countless matches at your next party, game night, camping trip and more. The game board measures 14”x18” and assembles in seconds. Now take your game to the next level and settle the score on the field with GoSports Magna Soccer! Age Group: adult.

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