adekale Soccer Balls Size 4 Glow in The Dark Light Up Soccer Ball 32 Panels Official Size with Needles and Pump Ball for Men


【Glow after Illuminated】This personality soccer balls would shine with a Clear Bright neon light, under continuous irradiation time for several minutes. The entire night Soccer lights up for over 1-3 hours continuously in darkness. The time of maximum fluoresce of glow Soccer depends on the light intensity and radiation time, offering great control when shooting and catching. 【No Need Battery】The glow up soccer is easy to bright, which needn’t any beads to emit light like other LED light up soccer balls. Only put it in the sunshine, bath heater or other strong light for a while, the illuminated soccer glow in the dark. 【Premium Material & Machine sewn construction】To withstand the rough-and-tumble street game. – Made of the abrasion resistant material. – TPU outer casing and the panels lined with performance foam for a soft touch and control. – Also Carcass windings for optimal shape retention. 【Free Gift】A Maintenance Kit including (a pump, 2 needles, a ball net.) And pay attention to the soccer you receive is Not Gas Charged. Remember the inflation pump is attached in the parcel. – When you first receive a ball, a good idea is to put a few drops of silicon oil in the valve. 【Soccer Ball as a Gift】 Performance butyl bladder allowing for the best combination of high air retention qualities & rebound characteristics. – Also,to satisfy psychological adventure players with strong characters. The night soccer ball had added more novelty value to give their personalities full play. The most important,quality of this light up toys are the longest accompany. p 1. What is adekle? /b – As a team of subverters, challengers, and thought leaders. Adekale tries to combine the best design and touch into a ball. – Each imparting its distinctive unique characteristics. – 2. What makes your product special? /b – Now Four kinds of wear-resistant materials have been developed: – ·Glowing material – ·Holographic material – ·UV color-changing material – ·Thermo-color material – Next,they would be applied to basketballs,soccer,footballs,volleyballs and other sport product. – Let’s wait and see. – 3. What ‘s the core values of adekale embodies in? /b – 4. How to acquire the break-through approaches and new idea for the products? /b – Also to create a daring company culture that encourages risk-taking. – That’s the design source of our inspiration where arises from. /p

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