Eskimo HC40 Propane Ice Auger 8 in


Eskimo HC 40cc Propane Ice Auger 8 Inch HC40Q8 Many ice anglers are switching to 4-cycle propane powered augers because they are clean burning and low maintenance. However-they are also known to be heavy and hard to handle as well as light weight and low on power. The Eskimo High Compression Propane Auger was designed from the ground up-creating an auger that is both lightweight and powerful. Instead of just adapting a gasoline engine to run on propane-the engieers at Eskimo designed the engine on the HC40 to take full advantage of the higher octane rating of propane fuel. The higher compression ratio creates more power out of a smaller package-which means the angler has a lighter weight auger with the power to cut either an 8 inch hole. THe power high compression engine will perform for years when paired with the all metal-sealed ball bearing transmission and fast cutting 2 blade Quantum augers. The eskimo high compression propane auger give the ice angler the reliability and dependability they have come to expect from Eskimo in an extremely powerful-lightweight package.

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