HOOK-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool


Hook-Eze is a nifty little gadget that makes tying fishing hooks onto the line not only safer, but a whole lot easier. The barbs of the fishing hook are protected in the case, while a spinning ring on your finger makes twisting the line a breeze. Hook-Eze is suitable for standard fishing hooks sized from 4/0 down to No.28, selected flies, swivels, snap-ons & speed clips for lure fishing. It’s great for tying line to line & line to leader, you can even tie a Bimini Twist! When youve finished fishing for the day, you can put the hook back into the Hook-Eze, and from there, it snaps onto the runner of the rod and its ready to store in the car, so you wont prick your upholstery, children, animals, whatever you take fishing with you. HOOK-EZE Takes the Pricks out of Fishing!

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